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Sean & Sarah O'Leary - 2023 Fountaine Pajot Aura 51 | Absolutely

After countless years of sailing and enjoying other people’s boats in the BVI, we took the leap and purchased our own new catamaran, Absolutely.

Following a bucket-list sail across the Atlantic from France to the BVI onboard Absolutely, we were warmly welcomed into the TMM family in July 2023.

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Graeme & Ros McEvoy - 2023 Lagoon 46 | Artemis (& Ariadne | Lagoon 450 F)

Putting a boat in charter in the BVI

We first took a decision to put a boat in charter around the summer of 2015. We had chartered boats with several BVI companies prior to then, but our best experience by far had been with TMM, so it was with Don Pietrykowski that I began discussing options in August of that year. We met Barney and the rest of the team at Annapolis 2015 and finalized the options for the Lagoon 450 that was to become ARIADNE, and the process started.

By the 3rd week of May in 2016 ARIADNE had arrived in Tortola and we were in the chartering business with our partners in TMM. We had a hassle free and rewarding experience for the first year… and then in the hurricane season of 2017, IRMA visited!

TMM have an excellent hurricane plan, and Ariadne came through the worst storm to hit the BVI in generations with very little damage, relatively speaking. The islands and residents suffered so much more. Before the end of the year Ariadne had been shipped to Florida for repairs, and by the spring of 2018 she was back at work in the islands generating revenue again. It’s worth noting that this was an excellent test of the insurance coverage that the boats in the fleet have. I can assure you - it works well and it does exactly what it says on the tin!

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David 'Spanky' Robinson - 2021 Lagoon 46 | Spanky's Gang

It all started in 2015 when a friend of mine asked me to join him sailing in BVI. I did not hesitate to miss this trip as sailed as a youngster and gladly accepted his invite. Had a great time & this was the start of my love for The BVI. A friend of mine who had just chartered a boat from TMM and called upon his return claimed they are THE BEST! I took his word & never have turned back as they are Spot On when it comes to chartering & maintaining bare boats! In December 2018 I chartered "Windsong", a Lagoon 42. Needless to say after 10 days sailing the BVI - I WAS HOOKED.

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Bill & Debbie Coletti - 2021 Lagoon 42 | Painted Falcon

When my wife and I decided we wanted to purchase a catamaran and have it in a fleet with a charter management company in the British Virgin Islands we started to investigate the options. We had chartered boats a few times in the past with a couple of different large companies and really had some reservations. We felt it was important to physically meet with the management of each company, which we did. It was quickly obvious who the best choice was - TMM.

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John Belie - 2020 Saona 47 | Idalia

I became interested in sailing fairly late in life and thought it would be a good activity to enjoy once I retired. In the summer of 2015 with only a basic knowledge of sailing I made a day trip from the USVI to see a boat model I liked that was in the TMM Charter fleet in Road Town, Tortola. The boat was a 44’ FP Helia.

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Michael Duncan - 2018 Lagoon 450 F | Claro Que Sea

I started sailing with TMM in 2006. Along the way, I’ve used several different companies on several different islands. One thing separates TMM from the rest and that’s the way they take care of their charterers and very importantly - the fleet. You always want a boat that’s ready and safe not just available

When you’re sailing, the safety and comfort of your crew is paramount, especially when that crew is your family. It was for this reason that I chose TMM and Don Pietrykowski when I decided to buy my own yacht. You have to place a lot of trust in an organization and I have that trust in TMM. From the office staff to maintenance, they are all like family.

Don helps you acquire a boat if you choose and them helps you sell it when it comes time. My experience keeps me coming back year after year.

Great people, great organization and some beautiful islands.

David and Gail Ray - 2016 Lagoon 450 | Wildcat Willie

While I have always had a dreaming of sailing the world my better half really wasn’t sure that would ever be on her bucket list and a sailboat seemed like another “toy “ for Dave. While I have been kicking tires for years in the early spring of 2014 we decided to take it up a notch. So we chartered a Helia FP from Horizon in the BVI on a try it before you buy it deal. Lets say we learned a lot, really enjoyed the experience but really didn’t enjoy the boat. In the fall of 2014 the new Saba from FP came out. So off we went to the boat show in Annapolis, MD. Where we fell in love with the new 52 Lagoon. Sorry FP, but we just didn’t love your boats. But things have a strange way of working out and no mater how hard we work on getting a loan it could not be done for the 52. Boat loans are a indeed their own beast! But we could easily get a note for a 450. While that wasn’t what we were dreaming of – it is what we ended up with and truly love.

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Mark Dillon & Susan Austrian - 2016 Mahe 36 | Glissade

We began our search for a catamaran to put into charter service in the BVI’s back in early 2015, and a charter company to manage it. After checking out a number of companies it was hard not to go with TMM! Their reputation, longevity in the business and their professionalism were apparent. We also liked the way they allowed us to custom order your boat so that it wasn’t a “cookie cutter” boat like the others. TMM was also very helpful in guiding us through the whole process, from ordering through purchase and delivery. They are clearly pros! The staff at TMM are the best too; like one big family.

Tim Detten - 2015 Lagoon 450 | Pura Vida

After charting sailboats in the BVI for a number of years my wife and I began to consider ways to increase our time in the islands. We were looking at buying a boat and locating it in the BVI. A long-time friend introduced us to TMM and the concept of owning a boat by placing it in a charter program. This would allow us ample personal usage as well as a return on our investment. After talking to Don P. and evaluating the information we decided to do just that. TMM has been great to work with from help with strategically selecting a boat to facilitating the transportation and integration into their charter program. They have done exactly as they have promised. We felt like we have made good friends with the TMM staff and can rely on them for all of our needs. After spending a couple of weeks on our new boat we feel we made an excellent decision!

Chuck & Lynn Lenschow - 2015 Helia 44 | Ohana

We definitely want to thank-you for all your help through the buying process of our new Helia 44. I know we had a lot of questions and you walked us through them all! The whole process from shopping, ordering and the final delivery were all handled professionally. Also please thank Barney and the whole crew at TMM. Everything that was promised to us was done in a professional and timely manner. We had been chartering with TMM for the past 5 years and were extremely satisfied, so we were very comfortable to purchase Ohana through TMM. We are looking for a long and rewarding relationship with you and TMM.

Thomas V. Connelly, Jr - 2015 Lipari 41 Evolution | Stellar

Dear Don - just a note of thank you and a referral to anyone thinking of purchasing a new sailboat. TMM is a great way to go!

It was almost a year ago that I went to the Miami Boat show to look at sailboats with the intent to purchase. I was undecided whether to purchase a monohull or a catamaran. We toured every model in the class that made sense for us, which was up to a 58' monohull or up to a 44' cat. The boat we were most impressed with was the Fountaine Pajot Lipari 41. We loved the sleek design and comfortable layout. The next step was to charter that same boat for a week, see how it sailed and see if it would we be as comfortable as we thought. In exploring that option we met you and the team at TMM Yacht Charters.

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Mike & Patty Doyle - 2014 Mahe 36 Evolution | Trinity

We have been sailing in the BVI for 25 years, eleven of which have been with TMM. We have also owned a charter boat with two other companies. So, I think we have a pretty good perspective. With that experience in hand, we picked TMM when it came time to buy a new boat. Don Pietrykowski was our point of contact, and he was terrific to work with. He put together a package for our new Mahe 36 Duo Evolution, Trinity, that was both tailored to our needs and competitively priced. He even arranged for me to be one of the three crew members who sailed the boat from France to Tortola. The charter program for Trinity has been so successful that I find myself reserving our time on the boat a year in advance. No question in my mind that we made the right choice.

Frank & Marie Grace Stich - 2014 Helia 44 | Let It Be

We cannot thank ALL the folks at TMM enough for making our charter experience a fabulous one. From the very start, with our purchase of the boat, to helping us become more proficient sailors, to sharing the knowledge of boats and boat maintenance, TMM has been wonderful to us. These last few weeks as we prepared to take our boat out of charter everyone has been amazingly helpful and supportive. We will certainly miss all of you! We look forward to having our paths cross again in the future. Many thanks to the best charter company and people on Tortola!

Tony Brouillette - 2014 Lagoon 39 | Mardi Gras

I purchased a Lagoon sailboat from Don Pietrykowski from TMM in 2013. I was very pleased with the overall experience. Deciding on what sailboat manufacturer and model is very challenging and to make it even more challenging we decided to do this as a business venture as well. This journey started like most do I'm sure, a bareboat sailing vacation in the BVI. By chance, our first bareboat charter was on a boat in TMM"s fleet. When I returned home I had many conversations about yacht ownership with the owner of the boat we chartered. We soon booked another charter and on our return to the TMM base, I had a brief conversion with Don about their charter management program.

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J & S - 2014 Lipari 41 | OsoGato

My partner and I have been visiting the BVI for several years and have dreamed of owning a charter boat that we would eventually spend extended periods of time on in retirement. After chartering everything from small monohulls to large catamarans, we had our heart set on purchasing a new cat in the 40 foot range and placing her in charter service.

During one of our trips to the islands, we decided to take a couple of days to interview potential yacht management companies and look at new boat offerings. We had read several extremely positive recommendations about working with Don at TMM, so he was definitely on our list of companies to visit.

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Lynn & Brian Darnall/Joanie & Rick Holm - 2013 Lagoon 380 | Luffing Out Loud

To those considering a purchase/charter option for a sailboat, this is a very strong letter of endorsement for Yacht Sales by Don Pietrykowski and the Tortola Marine Management (TMM) team.

First let us explain our history. Two of us are successful business owners of a greenhouse who deal regularly with salespeople as they start up every midwinter into spring. Their business employs 30 plus people during the growing and then selling spring season. The other two partners include a practicing outpatient/hospital internist/geriatrician, and a pediatric nurse practitioner. Not only do they deal with pharmaceutical sales people on a regular basis, but daily have to sell themselves to their patients and the patient's families to make the healing process work best. Clearly all of us know and understand sales.

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Ray Miller - 2012 Lagoon 400 | Emmy Kate

TMM is a great Company to deal with. I can check the Charter bookings for my boat on line, any time. The financials are detailed and the level of maintenance is great. Of course you pay for the maintenance and therefore it should be great. The operating contract is a cost plus. You take the risks of leasing and maintenance. The bookings have exceeded my expectations and a part of that is that the Lagoon 400 is a new model. However, TMM has the marketing expertise and network and that makes the difference. When I take the boat out of charter, I will refurbish it with the monies I made during chartering. As an investment, I have made an excellent return on my investment and I am very pleased with TMM. Picking the right company to care for your investment is important My experience with TMM also includes a period in 2002 when I left my Lagoon 380 with them. Again an excellent experience.

Stefan Beaudoin - 2012 Lipari 41 | Ole Ole

My relationship with TMM started just before making one major decision which was to purchase a dream catamaran and put it in the best charter management company possible. To make such an important decision and to deal with an International transaction I had to go through a thorough in-depth analyses with risk assessment of all potential charter management companies out there with the outcome being that I rested my decision and trust with TMM.

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