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Frequently Asked Questions

regarding TMM Yacht Ownership

Does TMM offer a guaranteed payment to its yacht owners?

No, TMM pays its owners the majority (75%) of the boats charter revenue. We then bill the owner for operating and maintenance expenses each month.

In a guaranteed payment program, there is no limit to the number of weeks that a particular boat may charter, and the owner receives no up-side benefit, only additional wear and tear. TMM has been operating on the same traditional management program for over 30 years, and it has served our owners well.

Does TMM have a deal where I can pay 50% down and own my yacht outright?

No, TMM does not have any such program. There are no magic numbers when it comes to making an investment in a yacht (or any other investment that we know of.) The financial equation for investing in a yacht consists of the costs involved with purchasing and maintaining the vessel, the charter revenue generated by the charter company, and the market value of the yacht after the charter term.

Through our experience we know what yachts and equipment perform well in charter, including up-front cost, revenue generating ability, and cost-effectiveness to maintain.

Does TMM pay the yacht's operating and maintenance expenses?

No, TMM earns part of its revenues from yacht maintenance, and TMM will maintain your investment to the highest professional standards. As a yacht owner you are provided with a detailed statement each month of maintenance.

Does TMM limit the type of yachts and equipment in its fleet?

No, TMM accepts a wide variety of boats into its fleet with a wide range of options the owners may select. TMM's fleet is made up of sailboats (monohulls and catamarans). TMM offers a range of yachts that have proven to be good value, easy to charter and maintain, but will consider other makes. TMM will guide you through the decision process to be sure the yacht will serve both the owners and fleet needs. TMM also reserves the right to only accept yachts that meet fleet standards.

How many owner weeks do TMM owners have?

TMM owners have no restriction on owner use. They may use their yacht as much as they want in whichever season they choose.

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