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TMM provides services to its yacht owners in four areas, Commercial (Marketing, Sales, Reservations), Customer Services (Charter Guest Related), Yacht Brokerage and Technical (Charter Preparation, Repairs, Scheduled Maintenance).
TMM Commercial Services

TMM keeps the charter boats in its fleet busy and generating income for their owners by a diversified mix of marketing and advertising. TMM remits monthly statements to yacht owners relating to charter activity and running maintenance.

Through our experience we know what yachts and equipment perform well in charter, including up-front cost, revenue generating ability, and cost-effectiveness to maintain.

TMM maintains a charter marketing and sales office in the USA. TMM's booking office in Lake Geneva handles incoming calls from charter clients and interfaces with charter brokers to sell charter weeks not used by the Yacht Owner.

Marketing and advertising. TMM places advertisements in the major sailing publications, participates in the major US boat shows, hosts a continually updated website and a quarterly newsletter.

Fleet insurance is maintained by TMM.

TMM maintains complete records pertaining to charter bookings, income, and maintenance. Yacht owners receive a monthly statement in full detail of all activity.

TMM Customer Services

TMM's customer service team in the islands is well known for their personal, hands on approach to welcoming charter guests. These stringent procedures are as important to a yacht owner as they are to the satisfaction of the charter guest.

As a TMM Yacht owner, your investment is protected by TMM's customer service regimen. Customers are given personal one-on-one briefings on their yacht and the cruising area, and are taken on a shakedown sail with a TMM staff member. We know of no other company that performs such thorough briefings and checkout procedures.

TMM's taxi greets arriving guests at the airport or ferry. Guests are welcomed aboard their boat, with fridge chilled and beds made up and ready to go.

A personal one-on-one chart briefing of the cruising area is given to the charter group, charts and cruising guides are extensively reviewed.

A thorough, private, on-board technical briefing of all yacht systems is given to the captain and crew of each yacht. TMM does not conduct group boat briefings.

Each charterer is taken on a test sail with a TMM staff member to ensure safe operation of the yacht and serve to check the ability of the charter guest.

TMM provides a thorough check-in procedure, guests comments are recorded and used to continually improve yacht maintenance and customer service.

TMM Yacht Brokerage Services

When it's time to move up or move on we can help. A complete listing of boats currently for sale in our fleet is available online at:

TMM Technical Services

TMM has over three decades of experience managing yachts for discerning owners. TMM keeps a full time year round staff plus the tools and equipment to keep the fleet in Bristol condition at all times.

TMM understands that an investment in a yacht is a considerable financial and emotional commitment. TMM also knows that proper on-going maintenance is the most cost-effective way to protect your investment. TMM earns part of it's revenue from repairs and maintenance, so doing a proper job with the right equipment and expertise is a key part of TMM's continued success.

Our base in Tortola offers a full service marina facilities where the yachts are carefully maintained.

TMM employs experienced mechanics and technicians capable of handling any type of mechanical, rigging, or cosmetic repairs.

Every boat is on a schedule for periodic mechanical and cosmetic maintenance, including an annual haul-out and refit period in the off-season

TMM carries an extensive inventory of spare parts and supplies. TMM acts as owner’s agent for warranty services from original equipment manufacturers.

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