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Thomas V. Connelly, Jr Testimonial

Thomas V. Connelly, Jr - 2015 Lipari 41 Evolution | Stellar

Dear Don - just a note of thank you and a referral to anyone thinking of purchasing a new sailboat. TMM is a great way to go!

It was almost a year ago that I went to the Miami Boat show to look at sailboats with the intent to purchase. I was undecided whether to purchase a monohull or a catamaran. We toured every model in the class that made sense for us, which was up to a 58' monohull or up to a 44' cat. The boat we were most impressed with was the Fountaine Pajot Lipari 41. We loved the sleek design and comfortable layout. The next step was to charter that same boat for a week, see how it sailed and see if it would we be as comfortable as we thought. In exploring that option we met you and the team at TMM Yacht Charters. Continued from here...

In March we chartered a quite new Lipari 41 in the BVI and had a wonderful experience. From the easy to use TMM website, the personal attention from the staff, the instructional captain and your involvement everything was easy. TMM having several late model Lipari's was a real advantage because I could actually see the various options on different boats. When it came time to order, the combination of you and Barney pointing out advantages and disadvantages of various options made the process collaborative and hassle free.

I placed the order with the options I wanted and the boat was completed on time last fall and sailed to the BVI arriving November 22nd. We had decided that some options, like electrical outlets, dinghy and others made more sense to be installed by TMM Yacht Charters and those were installed without a hitch.

When I arrived in December to see the boat the first time everything was as promised. The shake down cruise had a bump in the road because of a new design generator that failed. That is when I found out that Barney is a hands on owner/operator. First he and the TMM electrician did a temporary work around that allowed us to use the generator then he tenaciously followed up with Fountaine Pajot and the local service company for the generator.

That pattern has stayed true for any issue that has come up with the boat. Barney really knows the TMM boats and their systems. Don, I can unreservedly recommend you, Barney and the team at TMM to anyone interested in purchasing and/or chartering a sailboat. It has been a good experience.

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