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Stefan Beaudoin Testimonial

Stefan Beaudoin, 2012 Lipari 41 | Ole Ole

My relationship with TMM started just before making one major decision which was to purchase a dream catamaran and put it in the best charter management company possible. To make such an important decision and to deal with an International transaction I had to go through a thorough in-depth analyses with risk assessment of all potential charter management companies out there with the outcome being that I rested my decision and trust with TMM.

Here’s a non exhaustive list of the following experienced fact finding:

Quick response from you about any enquiries or issues I have. You and TMM staff make our family feel at home and go the extra nautical miles to fulfill our needs.

The flexibility of the program that allows me to do my own marketing and to book my boat easily and for the duration that I want for personal usage

Ability to help with any international transaction

Help with the purchase of the dream boat

Manage the commissioning of the catamaran from France to BVI

Financial benefits of dealing with knowledgeable and experienced with good advises from members of TMM

Family owned and managed that has the client/owner interest that puts the owner and the charterer first with a friendly, attentionate and knowledgeable staff

TMM is viewed as a first tier charter management with its great selection of recent fleet of boats

TMM is a well rounded charter management company that tackles every details of owner's and charterer's needs

Good presence in the boating community with attendance to major boat shows combine with marketing program and visibility in boat magazine

Excellent reputation with its pool of repeated owners and charterers

TMM makes sure that the charterers of OLE OLE are well documented and debriefed about the boat and attest to the validity of the Captain's pedigree

TMM performs outstanding maintenance and schedule of the boat

TMM provides great detailed administrative papers for accounting purposes and tracking

Out of that great decision of doing international business with you and TMM, I got to purchase my dream French built catamaran that was commissioned for me and now managed/maintained by TMM that navigates with me and other international charterers the Caribbean paradise waters (BVI) of Great Britain with U.S. currency revenues Canadian owned and registered.

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