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David and Gail Ray Testimonial

David and Gail Ray - 2016 Lagoon 450 | Wildcat Willie

While I have always had a dreaming of sailing the world my better half really wasn’t sure that would ever be on her bucket list and a sailboat seemed like another “toy “ for Dave. While I have been kicking tires for years in the early spring of 2014 we decided to take it up a notch. So we chartered a Helia FP from Horizon in the BVI on a try it before you buy it deal. Lets say we learned a lot, really enjoyed the experience but really didn’t enjoy the boat. In the fall of 2014 the new Saba from FP came out. So off we went to the boat show in Annapolis, MD. Where we fell in love with the new 52 Lagoon. Sorry FP, but we just didn’t love your boats. But things have a strange way of working out and no mater how hard we work on getting a loan it could not be done for the 52. Boat loans are a indeed their own beast! But we could easily get a note for a 450. While that wasn’t what we were dreaming of – it is what we ended up with and truly love. Continued from here...

We met Don and Barney from TMM at the boat show that fall day in 2014 and they sat with us for a better part of afternoon answering lots of questions – and yes I can ask a lot of questions. Having parents that live in the BVI I also had a few back channels to check them out too. And what I found out from everyone that I visited with is – drum roll please – TMM is the best place to put a boat hands down. I was able to contact a current owner about their current experience with TMM, I was able to contact a Captain that had worked for the Moorings for 20+ year and a owner that had a boat at TMM for 6 years. Everyone was saying the same thing. TMM treats your boat as it if it was theirs.

So in the early spring of 2015 we were back in Tortola and made a visit to TMM where Don met us and showed us around. And revisited what boat we might be interested in – I still wanted the 52 at that time. But it was great just wondering around the marina and watching the staff work. Everyone was so friendly and more then willing to answer questions. As time went by and there was no answer to the loan for a 52 we ordered the 450. Don walked us through the process – only a few things were upgraded and the rest of the boat is just what they suggested. And it’s GREAT.

Willie arrived in the BVI Dec 11th and we sailed out of TMM on the 16th. The fit and finish was better then expected. After 4 weeks of sailing our list of things that needed to be fixed consisted of 3 very minor items. The boat performed as expected. And it will be a great boat in the TMM charter program. I got to know more of the staff at TMM over this maiden voyage and they were always more than will to help and teach and guide and answer questions – They were Great!

I got to watch first hand what all is done for each charter that is returning and all the stuff that is done before the boat goes out for the next charter – and there is a lot. I have no worries the Willie is in good hands == And we can’t wait to get back to the BVI to see our friends at TMM. Thanks Don, Barney and all the great people that work at TMM.

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