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Bill & Debbie Coletti Testimonial

Bill & Debbie Coletti - 2021 Lagoon 42 | Painted Falcon

When my wife and I decided we wanted to purchase a catamaran and have it in a fleet with a charter management company in the British Virgin Islands we started to investigate the options. We had chartered boats a few times in the past with a couple of different large companies and really had some reservations. We felt it was important to physically meet with the management of each company, which we did. It was quickly obvious who the best choice was - TMM.

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Why TMM? Yes, they have an excellent reputation and extensive experience, but it’s their customer service that makes them head-and-shoulders above the rest. TMM's staff aren't just employees; they've become our extended family. They don't just meet expectations; they continually exceed them, leaving us grateful and eager for our next sailing escapade. They know us and the communication is exceptional, and they know and care about our boat which gives us great peace of mind. The smaller fleet allows for such personalized management.

TMM's charter program was the icing on the cake. It offered the freedom to explore the tranquil waters of the BVI while also making our investment work for us. It's like having a second home that pays for itself.

If you're seeking more than just a boat - if you're seeking a lifestyle and a community - then TMM is your port of call.

Bill & Debbie Coletti

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