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Luffing Out Loud Testimonial

Lynn & Brian Darnall/Joanie & Rick Holm, 2013 Lagoon 380 | Luffing Out Loud

To those considering a purchase/charter option for a sailboat, this is a very strong letter of endorsement for Yacht Sales by Don Pietrykowski and the Tortola Marine Management (TMM) team.

First let us explain our history. Two of us are successful business owners of a greenhouse who deal regularly with salespeople as they start up every midwinter into spring. Their business employs 30 plus people during the growing and then selling spring season. The other two partners include a practicing outpatient/hospital internist/geriatrician, and a pediatric nurse practitioner. Not only do they deal with pharmaceutical sales people on a regular basis, but daily have to sell themselves to their patients and the patient's families to make the healing process work best. Clearly all of us know and understand sales. Continued from here...

Starting in the early 1990s we started chartering sailboats out of TMM in the British Virgin Islands (BVI) and we have been chartering with various groups and couples about once a year since. We have chartered in other locations from probably four other companies, but when we are in the BVI it has been mostly with TMM.

The two couples have enjoyed an easy working and sailing relationship as well as a great friendship. As retirement is not too far away, we had been exploring the idea of purchasing a boat, with which we could sail up and down the East coast, or for similar more extended trips. Looking at many options, we had to consider buying a used boat or a new boat; purchasing a monohull or a catamaran; mooring in a marina and at what location; and facing the expense of upkeep, safety, and protection against weather. The exploring came to a culmination when we attended the Annapolis Boat show in 2012, and considered purchasing through a charter company. This way we could buy a boat with minimal risk of a huge and ongoing expense and with an opportunity to continue sailing on a great boat that we own.

At Annapolis we found many of the boat building companies, and most of the chartering companies who sell as well as charter boats. We heard every sales plan and pitch. And then there was TMM. The experience was very different than the crowded lines of other charter companies, or the inept "sure we could do that for you." The visit with TMM was one-on-one and personal and did not pressure or push. We liked the option of using the boat as often as we wanted.

Don Pietrykowski, the head of yacht sales, walked us through all the boat purchasing options, the costs, the advantages, and the risks. We also met directly with the TMM owners Barney and Lin as we came closer to a deal. We came to the conclusion that working with Don and TMM was the best choice for us. That personal touch worked all the way through our experience as we finally purchased our 38 foot Lagoon Catamaran, through TMM, named Luffing Out Loud (LOL.)

It looks to be a reasonable investment as well as purchase for future prolonged sailing adventures. The Darnalls and the Holms have now been on our maiden cruise on LOL with our 6 children (yes that's 10 on our boat,) and we were met by TMM with kind greetings, the red carpet, and even a bottle of champagne, which we didn't break over the bow, but rather shared on our last night out.

Should you be considering the purchase of a boat through a yacht chartering company like we did, we would advise you start with Don Pietrykowski and the TMM team. If you have already looked elsewhere, at least talk one time with Don to compare options. We believe dealing with TMM would be the best choice for you too. Please don't hesitate to call us if you want verbal confirmation of these positive comments.

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