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A copy of valid identification (Passport and/or Masters License from country of residence) must also be submitted with this application to apply for your Temporary Certificate of Competency.

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Skipper's Resume

For resume approval please detail your boating and chartering experience for the past 5 years. We will review your completed resume and contact you via email with the results. Please take the time to include specifics and details requested so we can make a timely and informed decision. We reserve the right to approve your resume on the condition of having a Check-Out Skipper aboard for the first afternoon (or more) at your expense. More on this is explained below.

Have you chartered with TMM as skipper?

Have you chartered with other bareboat companies as skipper?

Have you chartered with other bareboat companies been crew?

Largest boat you have skippered in the last 5 years
Do you presently own a boat?

Have you owned a boat in the past?

Are you experienced with the operation of a twin screw vessel?

Do you have any sailing or boating certification(s) and/or licenses?

Anchoring experience.
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Up to 40 feet? Times
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Using 2 anchors? Times
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General Experience

I understand the cruising area for bareboat charters is restricted to the waters of the BVI, St. Thomas, and St. John, per our contract, Article 6. I understand that the base managers reserve the right to use of TMM yachts to those they deem qualified. If there is a reasonable doubt about the skipper and crews abilities a skipper will be put aboard at the charterer’s expense for the safety of the charterer and the vessel. Provisioning for the skipper is the responsibility of the charterer.

I certify that the statements herein are true to the best of my knowledge. I further certify that I am experienced, competent and capable of assuming the responsibilities of a skipper on the yacht requested in the areas of piloting, seamanship, practical knowledge, crew control and International Rules of Navigation.

All information is believed to be correct but not guaranteed.

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