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COVID-19 Information & Policy

in the British Virgin Islands

27th July 2020

The situation in the BVI has changed little in recent weeks. We are still under curfew from midnight to 5am daily. Apart from that life is quite normal. Most businesses are open. We do have to wear masks in all public places and respect social distancing. There are still no active cases of Covid-19 on the island. The borders remain closed to all but BV Islanders, Belongers and Residents. It appears that they are also now starting to allow some work permit holders to return although this has not been announced publicly.

Government are apparently keen to re-open the borders but are still cautious. I suspect that there may be a slow, soft re-opening soon to test protocols that are being established for safely allowing visitors into the island. A contingent of 23 doctors arrived from Cuba on Saturday to bolster our medical professionals. They will be in quarantine for 14 days before they can start to work.

We continue to accept reservations after October 1 in the hope that we will be able to open by then. If we cannot, we will be happy to either reschedule your charter or issue a refund should you be unable to come due to government restrictions.

If you choose to cancel altogether our standard cancellation policy will apply:

90 days prior to charter start = $300 cancellation fee and full refund of your deposit

45-90 days prior to charter start = forfeiture of 50% of charter fee

0-45 days prior to charter start = forfeiture of 100% of charter fee

We continue to work at TMM from 8am to noon daily. We do not have enough work to justify more hours for anyone at the moment.

Our reservations office in Wisconsin remains open and Karen or Didi will be there Monday through Friday 8am to noon to handle calls and answer your questions. This schedule may change but opening hours will be updated on voicemail in the US Office.

We will continue to update this bulletin as more information becomes available and hope that we shall see you all again soon in the BVI.

This policy may be updated or changed. Please bookmark this page and check back from time to time.

See Government updates and information below.

Our COVID-19 Safety Measures

The health and well-being of our guests and team is paramount. We are taking necessary precautions to keep you, your family and friends safe so you can relax and enjoy your time on the water. We will continue to monitor the COVID-19 pandemic and respond to the developing situation as necessary. Therefore, our policies may update accordingly in the future.

Our Team

Will be temperature-checked daily before the workday begins

Will be instructed to adhere to strict social distancing guidelines (2 meters / 6 feet apart)

Will be required to wear personal protective equipment (PPE) where necessary when dealing with our guests

Regular handwashing and adherence to TMM sanitation policies is required.

If a skipper has been assigned to your charter they will be instructed to adhere to social distancing while on charter and encouraged to wear PPE when this is not possible. We ask that you also do your utmost to maintain social distancing from our onboard crew

Our Facilities

Will be disinfected at the end of every work day

Office surfaces will be frequently disinfected thoughout the day

Appointments will be scheduled to complete necessary paperwork in the office to reduce the number of people congregating at reception.

Everyone on site is expected to follow social distancing guidelines (2 meters / 6 feet apart)

Masks are to be worn by everyone and will be provided if necessary

Our Yachts

We ask our guests to schedule appointments with the office to complete the necessary paperwork and office briefing

We will deal with one crew at a time to avoid cross-contamination.

All staff interacting with guests are required to wear PPE.

Masks (provided if necessary) should be worn by all guests where social distancing guidelines cannot be upheld during check-in or check-out.

Each yacht will be cleaned, sanitized, and disinfected via fogging between charters

Fresh linens will be provided and made up on the berths as usual prior to fogging of the yacht is commenced

Additions to the cleaning/care package will include; disinfectant spray, hand wipes and sanitization products as well as the usual cleaning products.

On Board Precautions

All yacht, chart and safety briefings will be carried out on board. PPE will be worn by the boat briefer and social distancing (6ft/2m) is to be conducted.

All charter skippers will be screened before boarding the yacht and instructed to adhere to social distancing while on charter and encouraged to wear PPE when this is not possible. We ask that you, our guests, also do your utmost to maintain social distancing from our onboard crew

All information is believed to be correct but not guaranteed.

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