TMM Bareboat Charters Special Offers

TMM Last-Minute Specials

BVI and Belize
All remaining C Season weeks Oct 30 to Dec 3, 2015 are now offered at D Season rates. Repeat client discounts will apply for charters at least 7 days in length.  Long term discount of 15% off 10 days or more, will also apply and can be combined with a repeat discount. This offer is for new reservations only.  Sorry, we are not offering 10 days for 7 on this Special

TMM Year-Round Discounts

Returning Customers
We are happy to offer our repeat clients a 10% discount on charters booked for 7 or more days. It's our way of saying "Welcome Back"! Repeat discounts are not available on 10-for-7 offers.

Long Term Discounts
For charters of 10 days or more in B or C Season save 10%
For charters of 10 days or more in D Season save 15%
10 days for the price of 7 August 1 2016–Oct 30 2016

TMM Pricing Policy

Special offers and discounts may not be applied to existing confirmed reservations and are for charters of 7 or more days only. The minimum charter length is 5 days. Charters start and finish at 12:00pm, noon. To calculate daily rates, divide the weekly rate by 7 and multiply by the number of days. Rates spanning two seasons are calculated separately, then totaled to reflect the seasonal differences.

TMM Rate Seasons for 2016-2017:

Season A Season B Season C Season D